Urgent Research

    Urgent Market Research.

    Depends on your case. Desk Research, F2F interviews, CATI and CAWI plus data processing are possible.

Min Timing
    3 calendar days.

Max Timing
    10 calendar days.

Scope of application
    Support of marketing and strategic decisions in case of time constraints.

    Evaluation of RfQ within 3-4 hours.

Min Costs
    EUR 985 (including VAT).

Max Costs
    EUR 2,985 (including VAT).

    Analytical report. The standard analytical report is in PowerPoint format. Amount of the standard analytical report is 10-12 slides average with main findings and specific conclusions and recommendations.

How to order the Urgent Research?
    1. You send a brief with specific aims and requirements to rfq@bma.ru

    2. We evaluate feasibility within 3-4 hours, inform you about costs and timing for your case and send you a formal contract.

    3. You check and sign the contract.

    4. We conduct the Urgent Research within 3-10 calendar days.

    5. You get an analytical report with main findings and specific conclusions and recommendations to support your marketing or strategic decision.

    6. You make payment within 60 calendar days after signing the formal contract.

    Please contact rfq@bma.ru, and you will receive a prompt reply. Thanks!

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