Instant Desk Research

    Instant Desk Research (3 calendar days).

Target Group
    CEOs, CMOs and other C-Suite executives.

Scope of application
    Support of marketing and strategic decisions in case of time constraints.

    3 calendar days.

    Evaluation within 2-3 hours.

    EUR 985 (including VAT).

    Instant Desk Research.

    Analytical report. The standard analytical report is in text format. Amount of the standard analytical report is 3-4 standard pages with main findings and specific conclusions/recommendations.

How to order the Instant Desk Research?
    1. You send a brief with specific aims and requirements. Please use the abbreviation IDR in the Subject line of your message.

    2. We evaluate feasibility within 2-3 hours and send you a formal contract.

    3. You check and sign the contract, then make 100% payment via PayPal or to the bank account.

    4. We conduct Instant Desk Research within 3 calendar days.

    5. You get an analytical report with main findings and specific conclusions/recommendations to support your marketing or strategic decision.

    To evaluate how the Instant Desk Research can help you, please send your brief to Mr. Vladimir Fetsenko (BMAC CEO) at

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