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Services you can get here for your company
    1. Study markets of Premium Products in Russia

    2. Offer your Premium Products to your target high-income audience directly

    3. Place your ads in our personal e-mails to Premium Brand Owners and/or Potential Buyers

What is the Premium Brands Promotion?
    The Business and Marketing Analytic Centre (BMAC) of the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information offers you direct sales and high-precision promotional campaigns for the Premium Brands Audience in Russia, based on the BMAC Premium Brands Audience Database.

    The Premium Brands Promotion can be implemented through e-mails or face-to-face visits to the Premium Brands Audience by BMAC interviewers who regularly work with them.

What is the BMAC Premium Brands Audience Database?
    BMAC has been updating the Premium Brands Audience Database annually since 2013. 

    In 2013, Deutsche Börse (MNI Indicators division) and BMAC initiated the MNI Russia Consumer Sentiment Survey. Data were collected every month, and BMAC collected data from the high-income segment of the population in Russia for Deutsche Börse over a 4-year period. This project was completed in 2016.

    Today BMAC offers you its Premium Brands Audience Database and data collection resources and experience for Premium Brands Promotion in Russia.

Benefits of BMAC Premium Brands Promotion
  • E-mail or face-to-face in-person communication with the high-income target audience from the BMAC Premium Brands Audience Database

  • Guaranteed reading/viewing of your ad by your target individuals controlled by our interviewers

  • 5 years of positive experience in monthly communication and data collection in the high-income segment of the population in Russia, organized by Deutsche Börse

What is the BMAC Premium Brands Audience?
    The following high-income participants are included in the database:

    Purchasers (not using credit) of at least 1 of the following items within the last 3 years:

  • Cars: Any new car that costs 40,000+ USD

  • Yachts: Any yacht that costs 50,000+ USD

  • Real Estate: Any real estate property that costs 100,000+ USD (except main housing resale)

  • All participants take leisure trips to Western Europe, the USA, or Canada at least once a year.

    The Premium Brands Audience is higher middle class and lower upper class. These people purchase products that are at least two to three times more expensive than those used by the middle class. Premium brand names matter.

    All individuals in the Premium Brands Audience Database have authorized BMAC interviewers who regularly work with them to contact them, through e-mail or face-to-face communication, after preliminary agreement. Face-to-face visits to the same individuals may be arranged not more than once every month.

What are the Premium Brands Promotion options?
    There are two basic options:

  • E-mail messages to individuals from the Premium Brands Audience Database with your in-person text message or an image. Please try to avoid using direct hyperlinks in your messages.

  • Face-to-face visits (up to 5 minutes) to individuals from the Premium Brands Audience Database with a demonstration of your message, an image, an audio or a video. Face-to-face visits may be arranged not more than once every month. Short text-based feedback is possible. Only advertising information is allowed during demonstration.

Number of contacts
    Premium segment: 971 (as of January 2018)

Regions covered (as of January 2018)
  • Moscow (n=596, ~60% of the sample)

  • St. Petersburg (n=193, ~20% of the sample)

  • Other regions in Russia (n=182, ~20% of the sample), including the following:

  • Yekaterinburg (n=12)

  • Rostov-na-Donu (n=12)

  • Sochi (n=15)

  • Novosibirsk (n=14)

  • Nizhny Novgorod (n=14)

  • Kazan (n=14)

  • Volgograd (n=12)

  • Krasnodar (n=12)

  • Samara (n=13)

  • Omsk (n=11)

  • Chelyabinsk (n=10)

  • Ufa (n=11)

  • Krasnoyarsk (n=12)

  • Perm (n=12)

  • Voronezh (n=8)

Campaign schedule
  • Up to 3 days for standard preparations after receiving fixed/ready-to-use advertising materials from Client

  • 1 day for the standard e-mail promotional campaign

  • Up to 20-30 days for the face-to-face promotional campaign based on the agreed preliminary schedule of appointments with the target audience

    Feedback is not guaranteed. Based on our experience, in most cases, you may get a reaction from the audience either immediately or within 2-3 months.

    We employ highly confidential databases that are protected by the latest technological solutions. We do not share with any third parties our Clients’ names and the essence of their projects.

Nondisclosure agreement
    No information from the databases may be passed on or demonstrated to any party for any purpose, including QA and QC. 

    The participants of the Premium Brands Audience Database regularly confirm that they have not shared with any third parties their cooperation with BMAC and the essence of the projects they participate in.

    We are ready to apply the standard formal contract used by your lawyers after assessment by our lawyers.

Costs and terms of payments
    Please contact, and you will receive a prompt reply.

How can you start? We require the following information from you:
    1. Formal contract

    2. Specific target group(s) for the promotion

    3. Location(s) you wish to cover

    4. Number of participants to be contacted

    5. Basic approach: e-mail/face-to-face

    6. Promotional material: a message, an image, an audio, or a video that you would like to demonstrate to the Premium Brands Audience through e-mail or face-to-face communication

Make your decision and start today!

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