Services for Banking Brands

Services you can get here for your financial company
    1. You can order Panel or Ad Hoc Market Research of HNWIs or affluent individuals in Russia

    2. You can add your questions to our monthly Luxury Audience Omnibus Survey (the target audience is HNWIs) or Premium Audience Omnibus Survey (the target audience is affluent individuals)

    3. You can place your ads in our monthly personal e-mails to HNWIs and affluent individuals from our Panel of high-income individuals created in 2013 for Doetsche Börse

Description of the HNWIs and affluent individuals in our Panel Database
    The HNWIs = Luxury Brand Owners with current assets 1-10M USD

    The affluent individuals = Premium Brand Owners with current assets 0,1-1M USD

Panel Database of high-income individuals
    BMAC has been updating the Panel Database of high-income individuals monthly since 2013.

    In 2013, Deutsche Börse (MNI Indicators division) and BMAC initiated the MNI Russia Consumer Sentiment Survey. Data were collected every month, and BMAC collected data from the high-income segment of the population in Russia for Deutsche Börse over a 4-year period. This project was completed in 2016.

    Today BMAC is pleased to offer you use of this Panel Database, as well as data collection resources and experience for marketing research and advertising of your company in Russia.

    You can find more details about this service in appropriate sections of this website: For Luxury Brands and For Premium Brands

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